What is important to us


Blick vom Kirchturm
Bildrechte: Pfarramt St. Martin

The Protestant Lutherian Parish Schwabach St. Martin constitutes with approximately 9500 parish members the second largest parish in Bavaria. It is an own corporation of Public Law. It consciously accepts itself as a part of the people`s church constituted Protestant Lutherian state church in Bavaria. It accepts itself directed to all parish members takes over responsibility for spiritual social and cultural life in the town. It accepts her role bound to the gospel turned to all people living in the town. It realises current challenges and is eager to continue the development of the parish life innovatively directed forwards future. Public life, too in co designad in a responsible way. In this way the gospel can be testified as well as in words as in deed in an ecumenical way. The Church of Jesus Christ thus take hope on the same of action in the present time.

Our logo shows how versatile our parish is. 

 A whole subject is shaped from five crosses which represent the five parts of the parish.